Information for High School Students

For over 30 years, WSIP has offered the Summer Institute for Writing and Thinking Across the Curriculum to high school students and teachers from southern Arizona. This program gives students the opportunity to use the writing process as a tool for learning and as a key to academic success. The Summer Institute also provides teachers knowledge and resources to help their students succeed in writing. Participants in the Summer Institute have become part of the WSIP family. We have worked consistently with numerous program participants who have gone on to earn their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees at the University of Arizona. We have even had individuals who began as high school students return to participate in the Summer Institute as high school teachers. 

WSIP is excited to be reintroducing the Summer Institute for Writing and Thinking as the Young Writers Institute (YWI) in July 2017. The YWI will draw upon the strengths and successess of previous summer programs but will also reflect the evolving interests and needs of high school students. This year, our program will host up to 20 students. We will offer a series of workshop to strengthen academic writing skills that students need to succeed in high school, and which can help them as they look toward future college paths. All workshops are activity-based and learner centered and, this year, our focus will be working collaboratively to create a thematic anthology of student writing.  Throughout the program, students will have the opportunity to visit UA programs and resources and learn about available opportunities.  

If you are a high school student interested in developing  your writing skills while expanding your confidence and creativity in writing, the YWI may be the place for you! Join us as we explore the world through writing! 

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