Tutoring Services

All enrolled UA undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to receive one free individual tutoring appointment every other week from the Writing Skills Improvement Program. If you require more frequent tutoring within a two-week period, or are a non-UA student who would like tutoring, please call our main office at (520) 621-5849 to speak with our administrative assistant about purchasing tutoring appointment(s).

Tutoring sessions are 30 or 50 minutes long, and students may meet with the same or different tutors during their time at the University of Arizona. Tutors serve as professional guides through the writing process, assisting writers in gaining confidence, familiarity, and knowledge of academic and scholarly language and forms. Students discover and strengthen their "writerly" voices and improve their writing and critical thinking skills.

Spring 2017 - May 5th Last Day of Regular Tutoring for Semester

Individual and Group Tutoring by Appointment

  • Monday - Friday, 8:00am to 4:00pm
  • Tutoring is available both in-person and online via Skype.

Walk-in tutoring is available at select times in convenient locations across campus

Summer 2017

Week of May 8th: Limited Tutoring Available
Check back for further summer 2017 tutoring updates.

Students'  Testimonials about the Writing Skills Improvement Program

This program is very effective and efficient. Keep up the good work!

My experience with my tutor was awesome. Through meeting with him I not only grew in my writing skills, but also in my ability to analyze texts. I felt that he really cared and was extremely helpful in my growth as a writer. The feedback helped me understand my flaws and gave me suggestions I could use to alter my style. Overall, it was great.

I learned a great deal and received large amounts of help that greatly improved my writing and overall grade.

Before coming to Writing Skills, I did not have confidence in my writing ability. For example, in high school in my English class, I would never get an 'A,' it would either be a 'B' or 'C,' which made me feel uncomfortable with my English and insecure coming to college. I seriously thought at the beginning of the semester that I was going to flunk my English 101 class. Right now my favorite class is English 101. I have an 'A' in that class and I feel more comfortable and secure with my writing thanks to my tutor and the Writing Skills Improvement Program.

The tutor has been an excellent source of assistance by helping me to understand repetitive mistakes I make in my writing, and how to solve such mistakes. Now when I sit down to write a paper, I am more cognizant of grammar errors, and other mistakes, before I actually make them.

My tutor was extremely helpful, and every time I left, I had a much better understanding of the assignment (if I was confused) and knew what I needed to do in order to improve my paper.

The writing tutoring that I participated in was very beneficial. The tutor emphasized creativity, made writing, or the rules of writing, interesting. I am now more aware of the structures in writing and also how writing can be mastered over time.

I really liked coming to this tutoring program. It made me feel like I was a step ahead of my classmates and helped me to feel more confident of my work instead of going into class feeling unprepared. It also kept me on task because I would have to finish writing or revise my work in order to have something to go over with my tutor.

Keep on offering this great program so that others can reap the rewards!