Walk-In Tutoring

Walk-in, open tutoring is available throughout the regular school week. Open tutoring means that one or more students may be present at the same time but that no appointment is necessary.  You do, however, still need to complete the tutoring registration survey and electronic contract.

Sign-in when you arrive at a Walk-In session. Students will be seen in the order they appear on the sign-in sheet. You will generally get 15-30 minutes with a tutor, depending on the number of students waiting to be seen. 

Fall Semester 2017:  September 5 - December 8 

Please check back after August 22 to see the full schedule of Walk-In Tutoring. 


What To Do When Appointments Are Not Available

In the event that a tutoring appointment is not available, there are several other services on campus that you can contact.  Please click here to see our tutoring referral handout.