Editing Service Fee

The fee for our professional editing service* is $50/hour, with a 1-hour minimum purchase. 

Job requests of 4 or fewer days' turnaround are subject to an additional rush fee of $50 or may be declined.

WSIP Guide for Estimating Editing Hours

After you have submitted your editing request form and uploaded the document to be edited, we will contact you to discuss the estimated cost. Once you are ready to make your payment, you will be directed to the WSIP online store. If more editing hours are necessary, we will contact you.
If you have any questions, please call our main number at 520-621-5849 or email writingskills@email.arizona.edu.


This is an approximation intended only to help you determine how many hours of editing you may be expected to purchase. Editing may require significantly longer periods of time than estimated depending on quality, length, purpose, and type of writing.

*For a detailed listing of our fee-based services and rates, please click here.