Women of Color Writing Group

Women of Color Writing for Academic Success

With the support of the UA Commission on the Status of Women Mini-Grant, WSIP offered the first ever Women of Color Writing for Academic Success Writing Group in fall 2016. 

Collaboration and Support

The WCW group creates a collaborative network among incoming women-of-color master’s degree students from varying academic disciplines. Such a network offers students a support system to navigate their experiences at the University of Arizona and beyond.

A Community of Writers

As part of the Applied Writing process, students learn skills to further their own writing and support others in developing their skills. Peer feedback is an important aspect of this component. Students learn techniques to provide effective, non-evaluative feedback that can help fellow writers improve upon writing weaknesses and expand upon strengths. The goal is to create a community of writers in which all members contribute equally, increase their awareness as writers and audience members, and promote respectful communication and collaboration within academia.

Please contact Dr. Andrea Hernandez Holm at ahholm@email.arizona.edu if you have questions.