WSIP Graduate and Undergraduate Facilitated Writing Groups

UA Graduate and Undergraduate Students 

Would you like supportive and constructive feedback on a writing project?  Do you need help brainstorming, organizing, or developing your ideas?  Staying on task?  Wrestling with English grammar and/or style?  We provide opportunities for groups of 3-4 graduate or undergraduate students to meet together with a WSIP writing professional for two hours at a time.  Groups may meet as often as once every two weeks or as infrequently as once or twice per semester.  Participants may be from the same or different disciplines, ESL/multilingual or native English speakers, and at any stage of their academic career.

Graduate and Undergraduate Writing Groups are FREE, and you may attend them in addition to seeing us for individual tutoring.


You must be:

  1. a graduate or undergraduate student registered at the University of Arizona
  2. registered with our program at this link
  3. working on a writing project (e.g. course paper, thesis, dissertation, proposal, article for publication, or seminar paper)
  4. willing and able to honor the stringent absence policy that applies to the writing groups (Only one absence per semester allowed because groups are small and all members are essential at each meeting.)

If you are interested in starting or joining a graduate or undergraduate writing group, please email us at

* Small group tutoring is also available for online students.