Custom Services Request Form

Please use this request form to inquire about CUSTOM workshops, institutes, and programs. This includes WSIP workshops that you would like offered at your organization; writing programs prepared for your organization; and any writing workshop service that does not fall under our regularly-offered services. Custom workshops are fee-based. Click here to view our fees.

* We also have digital workshops available for purchase. Please visit our online store at 3DCartStore or call for further information. 

WSIP has updated its policy for submitting custom requests; please read it carefully before proceeding.

WSIP Memo of Understanding (MOU) Procedures and Policies for Special Workshops Requests
Effective June 1, 2018

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. A draft MOU will be created and sent to the client.
  3. Client has 10 days to accept the MOU by signing and dating it.
  4. Client may reject, modify, and return the draft to WSIP for modification. This process will be repeated until an MOU is signed and dated by the client.
  5. Upon receipt of a signed MOU, the WSIP Director will also sign and date the MOU and return it along with an invoice to the client.
  6. Client must pay the invoice by the agreed upon date.
  7. Prices for workshops will be valid for six (6) months. After 6 months, the MOU will be void, and a new MOU must be processed.
  8. If workshop dates or titles change, the price will remain the same, unless a new workshop has to be created. In that case, a curriculum development charge of $50 per hour will be charged.
  9. If the number of workshops changes, then the client will be charged or credited, and a new MOU and Invoice will be generated.
  10. If the workshops are not delivered, then no money will be collected from the client.

After you have reviewed the policy, enter the requested information below, then click "Submit."  Once your request has been submitted, someone from Writing Skills will be in touch with you by email or phone within two weeks.

If this workshop request is for a class, please provide the course name and prefix.
What would you like the workshop to focus on?
Where would you like the workshop to be held?
Preferred Date and Time *
If you have any additional requirements or would like to list more than one preferred date or time, please enter that information here.