Custom Workshop Request Form

Please use this request form to inquire about CUSTOM workshops, institutes, and programs. This includes WSIP regular workshops that you would like offered at your organization; workshops prepared for your organization; and any writing workshop service that does not fall under our regularly-offered services. Custom workshops are fee-based. Click here to view our fees

WSIP facilitates interactive workshops on a variety of writing-related topics for both academic writers and teachers of academic writing.

Workshops for writers aim to develop critical writing skills and awareness of academic writing conventions. Workshops for teachers of writing aim to support innovative practices in the classroom, expand grading and assessment strategies, and engage teachers in thinking about how they engage writing in writing-emphasis courses in any discipline. Our Writing Specialists design content and activities to meet the needs of each audience. We encourage you to view our sample list of topics.

We regularly provide workshops for the following audiences in all academic disciplines: 

  • Student writers (high school, undergraduate, and graduate)
  • Professional writers (academic, private-sector, and government sector)
  • High school teachers
  • University instructors

Submitting Custom Requests

WSIP has updated its policy for submitting custom requests; please read it carefully before proceeding.

  1. Complete the form below with as many details as possible. 
  2. WSIP will contact you to clarify the request and begin the scheduling process.
  3. Once dates, times, fees, and other details have been agreed upon, WSIP will send you an invoice.
  4. If workshop request changes before delivery, the price will remain the same, unless a new workshop has to be created or additional sessions added. In that case, new fees will apply.
  5. If requested delivery is postponed before the invoice is paid, the invoiced prices for workshops will remain valid for three (3) months. After 3 months, the agreement will be void. If the request is renewed, new charges will apply.
  6. If the workshops are not delivered, then no money will be collected. 

Once your request has been submitted, someone from Writing Skills will be in touch with you by email or phone within two weeks.

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