Workshop Schedules

WSIP offers a number of workshops weekly throughout the semester. Workshops are interactive and activity-based. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their own writing to practice skills. See each category below for details. Contact us at with questions.


COST: Attendance is free for UA undergraduate and graduate students. Non-students may purchase attendance for $10/workshop. Discounts are available when you purchase several workshops at the same time. 

LOCATION: Online only. You will receive a link when you register.

Please contact us at should you have any problems registering, or if you have registered but not received a link to the workshop by day before the session. 

If you need to request a signature confirming your participation, please ask the instructor during the workshop and be prepared to email them the document.

MONDAY WORKSHOPS: 12:00 - 12:50 PM
Note: We post registration links for 2 workshops at a time. Check back soon!

January 22, A Mindful Approach to Writing: As stress and anxiety often prevent us from writing, we all need to find the right balance to focus. We will discuss and practice strategies to be mindful in our writing process. 

February 5, Project Management: We’ll discuss how to apply project management strategies to short- and long-term writing projects. For example, how do you effectively manage a class paper or a dissertation project?

February 19, Co-Authoring a Manuscript: We’ll discuss how to work in a writing partnership. We’ll review best practices and discuss common concerns and challenges. 

March 11, Writing CVs and Resumes: Most applications for jobs and academic opportunities require a resume or CV, but putting them together can be confusing. We’ll review writing strategies. Bring your documents to share for feedback. Register Now

March 25, Vibrant Verbs: We’ll discuss and practice how to add “punch” to your writing by choosing powerful, meaningful verbs. We’ll share and practice strategies to make claims assertively. Register Now

April 8, All about Commas: We’ll discuss and practice some rules and guidelines about the most common comma patterns and errors.

Note: We post registration links for 2 workshops at a time. Check back soon!

Jan 17, Thriving in Writing: College-level writing can be daunting. We will discuss processes, practices, and strategies to find your comfort zone in academic writing. 

January 31, Using Artificial Intelligence Ethically in Your Writing: We’ll address the developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools available to writers and how to use them effectively and ethically to support writing practices. 

February 14, How to Read Strategically: We’ll review and practice active reading and annotation practices, including how to identify key points in a document, how to reflect upon texts, and how to keep track of what you’re reading. 

February 28, Building Effective Paragraphs: We’ll review the components and qualities of an effective paragraph and discuss how to construct one. We’ll practice identifying elements and improving paragraph structure.  REGISTER NOW

March 20, Is Passive Voice Okay?: What is the real story on passive and academic writing? We'll discuss the grammar structures of active and passive voice, review examples from academic writing, and practice revising sentences into these structures. Register Now

April 3, Cutting Lengthy Writing: Many writing situations call for writers to write briefly and concisely on a topic. We'll discuss and practice strategies for condensing existing content at the paper, paragraph, and sentence levels.

WSIP Writing Workshops for International Women Writers is a series of three workshops in Spring 2024. These workshops will offer participants refreshers on common issues related to academic writing, opportunities to practice writing strategies, and space to connect with one another. This series of workshops is open to International women students, staff, and faculty at the University of Arizona. We will discuss writing concerns, patterns, and practices to help support success in academic writing. Attend one or attend all-- it's up to you! Please bring your writing questions and projects with you. Workshops are FREE to attend and will be available online only.


Knowing who you are, where you “fit,” and what challenges you are issues that are talked about often in U.S. academia and especially for underrepresented populations. Why? In this workshop we will discuss how to navigate these conversations as you simultaneously engage in writing and other academic endeavors. REGISTER


We often talk about the importance of first impressions in academic writing. What does that mean when we are preparing to launch a scholarship, fellowship, or job application? In this workshop we will discuss statements that are common to these packets, such as personal, diversity, and research statements. REGISTER


While sentence structure and style issues are not signifiers of “good” or “bad” writing, they are often the issues that are considered most pressing for writers. Why? In this workshop we will address common patterns as well as how to manage anxiety around them. REGISTER


Contact us for more information at or ph. 520-621-5849.

This series is supported by a mini-grant from the UA Commission on the Status of Women.


We are excited to introduce a new series of workshops. Each semester, we'll offer an online workshop free and open to all writers (students and other writers from any institution).  Workshops are FREE to attend. 

Spring 2024: Writing Tips for Professional Staff and Administrators

Date and Time TBA

Digital Workshop Available for Purchase:

Whittling down Wordiness
In this workshop, we introduce useful strategies for making writing concise by reducing redundancy, avoiding clutter, and using prepositions effectively.

Available in 20-minute segments for $4 per segment. Contact us for more information.