Weekly Workshop Schedule

WSIP offers a regular series of 50-minute workshops weekly throughout the semester. Workshops are interactive and activity-based. Participants are encouraged to bring samples of their own writing to practice skills. Attendance is free for UA undergraduate and graduate students. Non-students may purchase attendance for $10/workshop. Discounts are available when you purchase several workshops at the same time.


See the full schedule below

Our workshops will return in January 2023


Online only. You will receive a link when you register.

Workshop Series

 Please contact us at writingskills@email.arizona.edu should you have any problems registering, or if you have registered but not received a link to the workshop by day before the session. 

If you need to cancel your registration, please contact our office at (520) 621-5849 or writingskills@email.arizona.edu.. You can also cancel from the registration confirmation.

If you need to request a signature confirming your participation, please ask the instructor during the workshop and be prepared to email them the document.

MONDAY WORKSHOPS: 12:00 - 12:50 PM (Note: we post registration links for 2 workshops. Check back soon!)

January 23: Thriving in Writing. College-level writing can be a daunting experience. We will discuss the writing process, writing practices, and strategies to find your comfort zone in academic writing. 

February 6: Comparative Writing. Academic writing often involves comparing two or more topics, theories, approaches, or texts, but writing a fluid and clear comparison can be challenging. We will discuss both general strategies and two specific models for organizing comparisons. 

February 20: Writing Grant Proposals. Securing funding for research projects is a reality for most scholars, but if you’re new to the genre, writing a grant proposal can be overwhelming. We will discuss common sections and focus on the importance of concise language, structure, tone, and clarity. 

March 20: Resumes, CVs, and Cover Letters. Most applications for jobs, grants, and other academic opportunities require a cover letter and resume or CV. We will review strategies for drafting your own documents. 

April 3: Writing Statements for Applications. Many school, funding, and job applications require a series of personal statements. We will review strategies for writing effective personal, research, and diversity statements. Register Online

WEDNESDAY  WORKSHOPS: 10:00-10:50 AM (Note: We post registration links for 2 workshops at a time. Check back soon!)

January 18: Overview of Academic Writing. There are a number of writing conventions particular to academia. We’ll learn about and practice strategies around perspectives, organization, and paragraphs in particular. 

February 1: Improving Grammar & Style. Grammar and style are common concerns for all writers. We will practice writing concise sentences by eliminating problems such as tense inconsistency, unclear pronoun references, and faulty parallelism.

February 15: Challenges, Tips, & Resources for Multi Language Writers. Nuances of academic writing conventions can seem unfamiliar or create challenges in writing. We will discuss common writing concerns for second language writers in academia and share several helpful resources.

March 1: Developing Vocabulary and Academic Voice. Many writers struggle to develop their own academic voice. Vocabulary plays an important role in this process. We will review and practice useful strategies to increase academic vocabulary and use it effectively in academic writing. 

March 15: Using References Effectively. References are essential in academic writing, but sometimes it’s difficult to integrate them smoothly into our own writing. We will review and practice paraphrasing and quoting to incorporate references effectively and correctly.

March 29: Revision Strategies. Effective writing is well-reviewed and revised. We will discuss important steps for revising academic papers. Bring a sample of your own writing to practice strategies! Register Online

April 13: Preparing for Publication. Publishing articles is an important goal for most scholars and a great opportunity to share ideas and findings with academic readers. We will discuss important steps to prepare for publication of scholarly articles, including revision and response to reviews. Register Online


Digital Workshop Available for Purchase:  Whittling down Wordiness**

In this workshop, we introduce useful strategies for making writing concise by reducing redundancy, avoiding clutter, and using prepositions effectively. **Available in 20-minute segments for $4 per segment.